Shanghai Skyscraper

Shanghai’s skyline is dominated by numerous skyscrapers, but three stand out as true super-talls: the Shanghai Tower, the World Trade Center, and the Jin Mao Building. Each offers a unique experience for visitors, including access to their rooftops for breathtaking views of the city.

Towering above them all, the Shanghai Tower reigns as the tallest, soaring to over 600 meters in height. Its sleek and innovative design captivates observers, making it not only the tallest but also arguably the most architecturally stunning of the trio. Whether exploring the heights of these skyscrapers for panoramic vistas or marveling at their architectural grandeur, visitors to Shanghai’s skyline are treated to an unforgettable experience at each of these iconic landmarks.

The Jin Mao Tower, a luxurious hotel, provides guests with a captivating inner view of the building’s towering architecture. Meanwhile, the World Trade Center boasts an exhilarating attraction—a glass-floored bridge extending from its summit, offering adrenaline-inducing perspectives of the bustling metropolis below.

Photos taken from the Jin Mao Tower (Hotel) and from the Shanghai Tower with the Pentax K3 II and the Walimex 12 mm F2.8 Fisheye and the Sigma 24-60 mm F2.8 lenses.

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