My name is Benjamin Aunkofer. I am an entrepreneur and private nature photographer with a slight focus on small animals.

Currently I shoot with a DSLR equipment from Pentax /Ricoh Imaging. I also do a lot of my shooting with semi-manual or full manual lenses. I even take some photos with a Pentax analog film camera from the 1980s.

Nature photography is my hobby that brings two worlds together. On the one hand, I really enjoy the technical process of taking photos. I enjoy the touch of the shutter release, the click of the mirror, and the art of composing the image and setting the focus. I may soon switch to fully automatic DSLMs with animal eye focus, but I’m currently trying to delay it as long as possible.

On the other hand, I am always very interested in the biology of animals. As a child I knew almost all known dinosaurs and very disappointed when I had to realize that they are no longer to be found in this world. In reptiles and birds I found my replacement, even if rather only as a miniature version. The shapes and colors, the primeval behavior of the animals fascinated me as a child and will continue to fascinate me until the end of my life. And I share this hobby with my daughter.

I hope I can share some impressions resulting from my passion with you on this website over the years.