Workshop Plan 2024

All our workshops are bring both together: Photography and Nature. At least half of the workshop topics and subjects is about Ornithology (Birds), Entomology (Insects) and Herpetology (Amphibians and Reptiles).

Group Workshops (3-8 Persons)

May 2024, Kaiserstuhl
We will visit Germany´s only paradise: The Kaiserstuhl is a little mountain area used for grapes and winemaking. We will find there two of the most colorful animals in Germany, the Lacerta bilineata (Western Green Lizard / Westliche Smaragdeidechse) and the Merops apiaster (Eurpean Bee-Eater / Bienenfresser).

May 2023, detailed information will be given in early 2023.

Juni 2024, Helgoland
We will visit the bird brood of the beautiful Morus bassanus (Northern Gannet / Basstölpel).

In Preparation. Testphase on-going. Coming soon.

Personal Workshops (1-3 Persons)

Reptiles of Berlin
May – Juni 2024, Berlin

We will visit places in Berlin where we will be able to photograph Lacerta agilis (Sand Lizard / Zauneidechse), Podarcis muralis (Wall Lizard / Mauereidechse), Zootoca vivipara (Common Lizard / Waldeidechse) as well as the Natrix natrix (Gras Snake / Ringelnatter) and Vipera Berus (Common adder / Kreuzotter).

On Request.

Green Lizard Day
May 2024, Somewhere in Germany
Visit the most beautiful creature to find in Middle Europe.

On Request.