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Goshawk Mating

The mating behavior of goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) is a fascinating yet intricate process that involves a series of aerial displays, vocalizations, and mutual bonding rituals making the life of a nature photographer very beautiful! These large, powerful birds of prey are found in Germany, occupying diverse habitats ranging from forests to open woodlands. There are […]

Mallard Feathers

Mallard ducks are boring animals to photographers? I don´t think so. Of course we lose the sense for recognizing the beauty of common animals you can find in every city. You need a closer look and some lost patience to see the beauty again. I really enjoy seeing the colors and structures of these bird […]



Late summer is the right time to find dead insects at home. Here we have a hornet which just fell down from the sky in the living room. I took the chance to make a close-up photo of this majestetic flying insect. Photos were taken with the Pentax K1 II and the Pentax DFA 100mm […]