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The mating behavior of goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) is a fascinating yet intricate process that involves a series of aerial displays, vocalizations, and mutual bonding rituals making the life of a nature photographer very beautiful! These large, powerful birds of prey are found in Germany, occupying diverse habitats ranging from forests to open woodlands. There are several populations of them in Berlin. The goshawk mating season in Berlin happens in March, and the process serves as a means to strengthen bonds between the mating pair and establish their territory.

The female shows that the is ready for mating and calling the male hawk.


Photos were taken with the Pentax K3 III and the Pentax 560 mm F5.6 in March 2023.

Tulips bloom only briefly a year. These tulips and their cheering spring colors were photographed in a garden with the Pentax K1 II and the Pentax DFA 24-70mm F2.8 and the Sigma 180mm F3.5 Macro.


I was able to photograph this beautiful little egret in Hangzhou (PR China, Zhejiang province) with the Pentax 150-450mm zoom lens.

The heron prefers to stand in the shallow water in the green idyll and catches fish, frogs and snakes there.

Egretta garzetta in the PR China

Egretta garzetta

This adder (vipera berus) basked on a small ledge of an abyss over a lake in Austria. It is a viper, consequently a venomous snake, which at a distance does not endanger any human.

The Eastern Green Lizard (Lacerta viridis / östliche Smaragdeidechse) is one of the most beautiful animals in Germany and a real jewel in Brandenburg. Unfortunately, this lizard in Brandenburg can only be found in a few places in low density and number. This species is in danger.